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  • As Pastor of the Word of Grace I believe in equipping the body of Christ through expositional preaching and teaching with sermon notes being provided each Sunday I preach, printed in the church bulletin. This page is dedicated to making those Sunday sermon notes available to the membership or visitors to this website. 
  • These sermon notes are in outline form only and full thoughts on the outline cannot be expressed here, so fell free to visit in person on Sundays and see the outline come to life
  • You may express any comments about the Sermon notes on the feedback link above.

2 Timothy 4:2 preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort, with great patience and instruction. NAS

2 Tim 3:16-17
16 All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; 17 that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work. NAS

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2006 Sermons 

Jan. 1, 2006 "God's New Year For His People” Jan. 8, 2006 “Mumbling, Grumbling and Complaining - It Will Kill You!    Jan. 15, 2006      "The Wilderness Test" Jan. 22, 2006 “Taking God With You  When You Go Out”  Jan. 29, 2006 “Be Still and Know That I Am God”
Feb. 5, 2006  “Becoming the World’s Greatest Lover or Not – Part 1” Feb. 12, 2006  “Becoming the World’s Greatest Lover or Not – Part 2” Feb. 19, 2006 “You Are Bought With A Price, So Surrender” Feb. 26, 2006  “Children Coming and Committing to Christ”   March 5, 2006Sowing the Right Kinds of Seeds In Life”
March 12, 2006 John the Baptist, Jail House Blues March 19, 2006 The Power of Encouraging Words  March 26, 2006 April 2, 2006 April 9, 2006
April 16, 2006 April 23, 2006 April 30, 2006 May 7, 2006 May 14, 2006
May 20, 2006 May 21, 2006 May 28, 2006 June 4, 2006 June 11, 2006
June 18, 2006 June 25, 2006      


  • Sermon Notes for January 1, 2006

                        “GOD’S NEW YEAR FOR HIS PEOPLE”

Scripture:  Exodus 12:1-8                                          

Purposes: To put Christians in the mindset of a spiritual set of New Year’s resolutions by using the Jewish New Year mandates given by God in the Exodus and Leviticus 23. The first month of the year for the Jews would be the month of Nisan (Abib) to us March-April.


      A  Jewish implications Exodus 12:1-13 , Lev. 23: 4-6

1        Death Angel will Passover killing the first born in household, blood on the door post Exo 12:12-13, 23, 27-27

2        Keep spotless lamb for 4 days prior to sacrifice -  Exo 12:3-6

3        Tell future children of what this night means - Exo 12:24-27

       B  New Testament implications

1        Jesus is our spotless Passover Lamb sacrificed - 1Cor 5:7

2        Jesus’ death redeemed us - 1 Peter 1:18-19

Applic: 1. Seek to bring your whole family into the protection of the blood of Christ in 2006

            2. Get to know your Savior on a person basis through scripture and prayer

            3. Don’t stop reminding yourself and family of the redemption of God by Christ’s death



       A Jewish implications

           1 Not enough time to let bread rise Exo 12:14-20, Lev 23:6

              B New Testament Implications – 1Cor 5:1-8

          1. Sanctification of the Believer

          2  Sin in churches unchecked grow

Applic:1 Actively seek out in every area of your life and remove the sins that hindering you

            2 Individuals in congregations who live in sin uncheck will eventually adversely affect the entire church



       A Jewish implication

           1 The first fruits of the future annual crop harvest goes to God first – Lev 23:9-14

       B New Testament Implications

           1 Jesus is the first fruits from the death of many to follow  - 1Cor 15:20-23

Applic: 1  The first and best of our possessions go to God

  2  Trust God for our future provisions once we have placed God first

    3  Remember source of blessings is God and not man

    4  Remember because of Christ being the first from the grave then we have hope that others who believe will follow

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  • Sermon Notes for January 8, 2006

              “Mumbling, Grumbling and Complaining - It Will Kill You!”               

Scripture: Philippians 2:14-16  (NAS)                    

Purposes: To show the negative effects of constant grumbling, mumbling, murmuring and complaining and in contrast show the positive effects of thanksgiving and acceptance of this same situation that another grumbled, murmured and complained about.

Mumble - mutter: to speak or utter something quietly and unclearly without opening the mouth very much

Murmur - a complaint, especially one that is not made openly

Grumble (verb) 1 .express dissatisfaction: to complain or mutter in a discontented way ; 2. say as complaint: to say something as a complaint  3. make rumbling noises: to make rumbling or growling noises Grumble (noun) 1. complaint: a complaint or expression of discontent

Complain – to express unhappiness about something:


      A.  Christians are to demonstrate their salvation with reverential fear and trembling of God,                            for it is God in them giving them the desire and ability to do His will –Phil 2:12-13

Applic. Our salvation by faith is to demonstrated outwardly by our actions, we work not to be saved, but we work because we are saved.

       B.  In the course of doing God’s will and work, do all things individually and corporately without  

         grumbling and disputing - Phil 2:14

Applic. If will we are doing God’s will and work then we should not grumble about it with one another or against God.

       C.  Not grumbling and arguing makes you appear to be the blameless and innocent

           children of God who are lights to a crooked and perverse generation- Phil 2:15-16

Applic. The world watches the Christian in his actions, to be a Christian who constantly complains is not a good draw to the unbeliever


A.  Grumbled (v.24) about bitter waters at Marah, 3 days out,  waters made sweet –     

     Exo 15:22-25

 B.  Grumbled (v.2,7,8,9,12,) about no food, 1 month out, Manna and quail given to eat,

     Exo 16:1-30

 C.  Grumbled and quarreled (v.2-3) about no water, water from rock, Exo 17:1-7

 D.  Complain (v.1) about adversity, God gets angry burns them up, Num 11:1-3

 E.  Complain (v.4-6) about nothing but manna to eat, given quail a month, die of plague 

     Num 11:4-35

 F.  Murmuring (v.1) against Moses about Cushite wife, Miriam gets leprosy 7 days –

            Num 12:1-16

       G. Grumble (.v2,27,29,36) and complains (v.27) about giants in the promise land, die in  

             wilderness over 40 years and 10 spies died of plague.  Num 14:1-45

       H.  Complain (v.5) about long route, no food, water and hate manna, serpents kill them   

            Num. 21:4-9

 Applic. 1. Don’t complain about what you do have, for it may be taken from you.

               2. Christians are warned about grumbling like the Children of Israel (1Cor. 10:10)

               3. Unbelievers can come among the church and become grumblers Jude 1:4,16

               4. Don’t destroy your Christian witness among the unsaved by constant complains about   

                    your life and God’s calling for your life.

               5. Grumbling and complaining is very contagious among people, and is destructive so don’t

                    openly complain.

               6. Christ gives the strength to be content in whatever state we are in Phil 4:10-13

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  • Sermon Notes for January 15, 2006

                                 “The Wilderness Test”             

Scripture: Deuteronomy 8:1-20                                

Purposes: The children of Israel were tested in the wilderness to see if they would obey God and trust Him for his promises and provisions. We as Christians can learn from their experiences and use their experiences as practical applications for our lives.


       A.  Place – Wilderness of Sinai- Dt.8:2

Applic: The place of your testing could be your Job, School, Neighborhood or Home or a combination of some or all. 

         B.  Timing – When, Just leaving Egypt;  For how long, 40 years -- Dt.8:2

Applic. God will pick the proper juncture of your life to start your wilderness test and God will determine how long it will last in your life, for a little while or for a life time.

         C.  Conditions – Humility, Hunger, Thirst, Terrible, Desolate wilderness, Serpents,

            Scorpions - Dt.8:3,15-16

Applic. God will inject the proper types and timing of discomfort in our life to get His desired results in our lives.

         DTest Subjects Controls – Clothes not wear out, Feet not swell for 40 years - Dt.8:2,4

Applic. God knows the limits of our endurance and the provision we need to get through the trial.



       A  To see if Israel would Obey - Dt.8:2, Exo 16:4-7

Applic. Obedience in adversity is a test to see if we trust God when it does not make sense.

         B  To teach Israel to value the spiritual things in life (man does not live by bread alone) 


Applic. We have a spiritual side that needs to be feed and blessed as well as our physical side, do not neglect your spiritual feeding.

         C To prepare Israel to receive a great blessing -- Dt.8:7-9

Applic. God has to prepare our heart and mind to receive a large blessing from him.

         D Israel is to learn to give thanks to God - Dt.8:10

Applic. In everything we are to give thanks to God, for in everything He is working it for our good and future blessing

        Reminder it was God who blessed – Dt. 8:11-14

Applic  Bad previous conditions in our lives should make us grateful for what we have.



      A Prosperity can cause Israel to abandon God if not caution Dt 8:11-18, Prov 30:8-9

Applic. Some people God will never bless with stuff because they cannot stay faithful if they are prosperous

         B. Abandonment of God brings judgment and loss of all things Dt 8:19-20

Applic. Stuff can become our God and then God will judge us and then we lose all.


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  • Sermon Notes for January 22, 2006

               “TAKING GOD WITH YOU WHEN YOU GO OUT”                          

SCRIPTURE: Proverbs 4:23                                       

PURPOSE: To give practical biblical insights and direction into the dating process of today.


      A.  Arranged marriage by parents – Gen 24:1-4

      B.  Choice of the man to marry who he wants – Judges 14:1-2

      C.  Widow woman marry whom she wants as long as they are saved – 1Cor 7:39

      D.  Asking permission of parents to court daughter was and still is used today

      E.  Dating process we have today does not have the same intent as in ancient days which

           was to find a future spouse.



     A.  Be on guard with your emotions and thinking so not to caught up emotional and be wise

         spiritually - Prov  4:23

Applic: If people can know of your weakness and strengthens emotionally then they can play into your heart. Any date can turn out to be a future mate, so be cautious.


     B.  Parental input in the choice of person you are dating – Gen 24:3-4, 28:8-9 cf. 26:34-35

Applic: Godly parents can see the character of a person better than you can when dating them.


     C.  Running with the wrong crowd while going out can get you in trouble – Gen 34:1-7

Applic: Do not place yourself in the wrong situation by going out with a crowd of unsaved people on a date.


     D. Don’t drink alcohol on a date it could lead to rape or surrendering oneself sexually – 

         Hab 2:15

Applic: Drugs and alcohols lower people’s inhibitions to do wrong morally whether attacking another or surrendering one’s body for sex acts.


     E. Keep your hands off one another in an inappropriate way – Gen 39:6-12

Applic: To much inappropriate touching can stir up passions that lead to premarital sex


     F. Never date married people it can lead to death and destruction – Prov 7:6-23

Applic: Anybody who betrays their own wife will have no problem betraying you later.


     G. Look for people’s natural interaction skills with other people to see their true nature and

         character – Gen. 24:10-14

Applic: Your date treats other people when not being watched is how they will treat you.


     H.  Ask God to guide you to the right person for your character and destiny in life –Gen 24:6-7, 12-14

Applic: Talk to God while on the date and ask him to show the truth about the person.

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  • Sermon Notes for January 29, 2006

                         “BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD”

Scripture: Psalms 46:1-11                                      

Purposes: To bring peace to troubled Christians who are overwhelmed by looking at the psalmist encouragement of just be still and know that I am God


    A. God is our hiding place and strength and with us always v.1

Applic: God a Spirit and though not seen is always with us and we hide in Him.

     B. Because of this we are encouraged not to be afraid though disasters happen around us


Applic: Stop and think about all the diasasters God has brought you through in life to this point and be still. God has power over nature.



     A. God is in the midst of Jerusalem and will help her in time of need v.4-5

Applic:  1. When Jerusalem stopped being faithful to Him and followed other Gods, God’s glory did leave Jerusalem and judgment came. Same for Christians stop being godly and judgment will come.

2. God knows where all his saints live in the whole world and will protect them

      B. The heathens raged against Jerusalem v.6-7

Applic: God has control of people and nations, so your people problems are no problem for Him. Remember God is with you.


     A. Look at the power of God among the nations and see how he destroys nations military

        power v.8-9

Applic. If God can handle the military powers of the world, then He can handle the people who trouble in life.

      B. Stop worrying and be still and know that there is only one God in control v.10-11

Applic: Anxieties stop when we stop and realize who God is, his power and he is in control.


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  • Sermon Notes for February 5, 2006 

           “Becoming the World’s Greatest Lover or Not – Part 1”

Scripture:   1 CORINTHIANS 13:4-8                            

Purposes: To define and demonstrate on a practical basis what biblical love is. Also to show how that love is demonstrated to at least eight individuals.


      A.  Love defined in the ancient world

1. Gr. Eros – sexual, physical love

2. Gr. Stergo – affection, parents for children, people for king, dog for master

3. Gr. Phileo – Brotherly affection without family connection

4. Gr. Agape – Sacrifice for others

      B.  Love is a fruit of the Spirit of God – Gal 5:22-23

       C.  Love is a command not a option – John 13:34-35

       D.  How well do you love (agape) 1 CORINTHIANS 13:4-8                            

         v. 4 Love is patient

                Love is kind,

                Love is not jealous

             Love does not brag

                Love is not arrogant

         v. 5 Love does not act unbecomingly;

                Love it does not seek its own

                Love is not provoked

                Love does not take into account a wrong suffered, 

         v. 6 Love does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth

         v. 7 Love bears all things

                Love believes all things

                Love hopes all things

                Love endures all things.

         v. 8 Love never fails;

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  • Sermon Notes for February 12, 2006

“Becoming the World’s Greatest Lover or Not – Part 2”

Scripture:   1 CORINTHIANS 13:4-8                            

Purposes: To define and demonstrate on a practical basis what biblical love is. Also to show how that love is demonstrated to at least eight individuals.

Review: 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

4 Love is patient, love is kind, and is not jealous; love does not brag and is not arrogant, 5 does not act unbecomingly; it does not seek its own, is not provoked, does not take into account a wrong suffered, 6 does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth; 7 bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. 8 Love never fails;


       A. How Many of these have you loved

         1. God, 2. Jesus, 3. Enemies, 4. Neighbor, 5. Husband, 6. Wife, 7.Children, 8. Parents


       A. How to love God, Don’t cheat with other Gods Dt. 13:1-3

       B. How to love Jesus, Keep his commandments John 14:15

       C. How to love Enemies, Pray for enemy Matt. 5:43-48

        D. How to love Neighbor, No ill will toward Rom. 13:10

        E. How to love Husband, Submit to him Titus 2:4-5

        F. How to love Wife, Love her like self  Eph. 5:25

        G. How to love Children, Provoke not to anger Eph 6:4

        H. How to love Parents, Honor parents Eph 6:1-3



       A. Rewards for Loving well:

          1. God – Blessed by God

          2. Jesus – Known as disciple

          3. Enemies – Perfect like Father

          4. Neighbor – Peace

          5. Husband – Leadership

          6.  Wife – Affection

          7. Children – Following the Lord

          8. Parents – Well & live long on earth

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  • Sermon Notes for February 19, 2006

         “YOU ARE BOUGHT WITH A PRICE, SO SURRENDER”                  

 Scripture: 1 Corinthians 6:19-20                       

Purposes: To encourage Christian to surrender their lives, minds, wills, agendas, service, bodies, decision making and futures to God because when you accepted Christ as Lord and Savior you gave up all rights to your life and future because you were paid for by Christ’s blood and became the temple of God.

1 Cor 6:19-20  19 Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own? 20 For you have been bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body.  NAS


       A. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit – 1 Cor 6:19

       B. You don’t own yourself any more you are paid for by Christ – 1Cor 6:19b-20a, Eph 1:7

       C. You confessed Jesus as Lord and Savior and invited him your life – Rom 10:9,      

            John 1:11-12

       D. Our bodies are to be a living sacrifice of worship and service – Rom 12:1-2

       E. Your body is the temple of God – 1 Cor 3:16-17

Applic. When you received Christ as Lord and Savior you were in indwelled by the Spirit and Christ and surrendered control of your life, soul, body for God’s glory not your own.



       A. Mandate in marriage, marry only a believer – 1Cor 7:39, 2Cor 6:14

Applic. Surrender your marriage options to God


      A.  Peter, Andrew, James, John and Matthew surrendered their businesses and jobs to

          follow Christ – Matthew 4:18-22,  Matthew 9:9

Applic. Your money, possessions, job and spending are to be at God’s dictates in your life and not your own you are bought will price body and possessions.



       A. Peter had to surrender to the fact that his ministry was to feed sheep and not fish for   

           fish – John 21:1-19

        B. Jonah did not like the ministry God gave him and ran the opposite direction in to pain

           and regret and still had to come back to his original ministry call – Jonah 1-2

Applic. God’s call in ministry could be a private stay home and raise your kids to a public 

             world wide evangelism ministry. Both are chosen of God and glorify him equally.


       A. Paul wanted to go to Asia but was instead sent to Macedonia – Acts 16:6-10

Applic. Surrender to where we should go and live is always best left in God’s hand for he knows the future and knows the best place for us and His glory.



       A. Jesus surrendered to the will of the Father in his ultimate mission, that was to suffer

        and die on the cross – Lk 22:42-44

Applic. The owner of a thing can choose to do what he wants to do with his possession and sometimes it may look bad in the choice but it is always for the ultimate glory of God and the best for all so surrender and submit.


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  • Sermon Notes for February 26, 2006


Scripture: Mark 10:13-16, 17-22                     

Purposes: 1. To show youth that God wants then involved now in service to Him. 2. To have youth evaluate where they are now in their service to Christ. 3. To show youth that tomorrow’s local church existence is dependent on them not the older generation today.


       A. They were bringing children to Jesus that he might bless them v. 13 cf. v.16

Applic. It is the parents and grandparents who are to take the leading role in bringing their children to come to know Christ. And saved parent sanctify their children (1Cor 7:14)

Note: Probability of Accepting Christ, Segment by Age

          43 % of Americans accept Christ before age 13

          64 % of Americans accept Christ before age 18

          13 % of Americans accept Christ while 18 to 21 years old

          Ages 13 to 21 Brought to Christ By 

          Friend brought to Christ - 20%

          Parents brought to Christ - 20%

          An Event in Life brought to Christ - 20%

          Relative other than Parent brought to Christ  -16%

          Minister brought to Christ -10%

          Media and Special Personal situations brought to Christ -1%

Applic. 1. The older the person the least likely they will come to Christ later in life. 2. Come to Christ before the body wears out and becomes old, Eccles 12:1-2. Those closest to the child in relationships will have the greatest chance of bringing them to Christ.


       A.  Disciples try to stop the children from coming to see Jesus v.13b

Applic. Adults in many ways hinder children from coming to Christ: 1. Don’t bring the children to church, 2. Live a hypocritical life before children at home, 3. Parents don’t know the Lord themselves, 4. Church member’s lives do not match the Christianity of the Bible.

        B.  Jesus is angered by the attempt to stop the children from coming to him v.14

        C.  It takes child like faith (without question or doubt) to enter the Kingdom v.15


       A.  Rich young ruler (Matt 19:20,22, Lk 18:18) was a moral person from his childhood but knew something was missing in him receiving eternal life - v.17-20    

Applic.  Keeping moral rules is not enough, it is a living, undivided (no other god) and obedient relationship that Christ is looking for from us.

        B.  Jesus felt love for the rich young ruler - v.21a

Applic. God loves us but he cannot make us love him back or obey him freely, that is up to us to do.


       A. The rich young ruler could keep moral rules to man but would not give up his god, wealth for Christ sake, suffer and follow Christ . Christ wanted the young man to serve and follow him but he made his own decision to walk away sad  v. 21b-22

 Applic. 1. Our affluent society is a major hindrance for people committing to Christ, we love stuff and self more than God. (Matthew 13:22) 2. Our wealth when given to God is converted over to a heavenly reward just not lost with no return. 3. We need to stop Sunday Spiritual appointments only one day a week with Dr. God and then don’t take the spiritual prescription but follow the Doctor’s orders daily as a life style change.

 Conclusion: Come to Faith Early in Life: People who become Christians before their teen years are more likely than those who are converted when older to remain “absolutely committed” to Christianity. Tomorrow’s Church will be in the hands of today’s youth. Young people where will the church be?

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  • Sermon Notes for March 5, 2006


Scripture: Galatians 6:7-8                                        

Purposes: To teach Christians to plant a spiritual crop you are proud of and Not a spiritual crop you are ashamed of or afraid of in the future of coming back to hurt you rather than bless you.


      A.  What you Sow (Plant), you will Reap (Harvest) like kind – Galatians 6:7-8, Job 4:8, 

         Hosea 8:7, 10:12

     B.  The portion you Sow (Plant), will determine the proportion you Reap (Harvest) –            

         2 Cor. 9:6

     C.  Do unto others, as you would have them do to you (you will be treated the way you treat

         people) Matt. 7:12, Luke 6:31

     D.  God pays back to you, what you paid out to others, both bad and good – Rom. 12:19,

         Prov. 19:17

     E.  The timing of the reaping of what is sown may come in the afterlife rather than in this life  

Luke 16:25

    F.   Sowing and reaping is an individual process, you harvest the crop you planted –      

         Rom 6:5-10


      A. King Adonibezek cut off thumbs and toes of 70 kings had his thumbs and toes cut off 

         and died Judges 1:4-7

      B. Haman planned to hang Mordecia on gallows he built and was hung himself on the

         same  - Esther 7:9-10

      C. Widow of Zarephath sowed her last meal into Elijah and reaped food for years and her

         son raised from the dead - 1Kings 17:9-24

      D. Shunammite woman gave Elisha a room on her house and reaped a household with a 

         son born and son raised from the dead - 2 Kings 4:8-37


          A.  Jacob Sowing Deceit  – Genesis 27

           1. Sowed deception in Canaan

           2. Rebekah and Jacob premeditated a plan to gain birthrigh v.6-17

           3. Verbally and knowing lied to Isaac his father v.19-24

           4.  Wore clothing to deceive father v.22

           5.  Used father’s blindness to deceive v.1

           6.  Birthright carries a double portion of inheritance

           7. Esau wanted to murder his brother Jacob v.41, 13

          B. Jacob Reaping Deception – Genesis 29

          1. Jacob reaped being deceived Padanaram

          2. Laban premeditated plan to get Jacob to work double the time v.26

          3. Laban verbally and knowing lied to Jacob v. 18-19

          4. Leah’s face is veiled (clothes used to deceive) v.23

          5. Wedding at night and tent dark (cannot see) v.23

          6. Jacob worked double time for wife wanted (2 x 7 yrs) v.27

          7. Esau after 20 yrs. forgave Jacob Gen. 33:1-15

 Note:  Jacob got crop failure about Esau’s revenge


1. Never plant a crop you don’t want to harvest in the future

2. Don’t sow seeds and pray for crop failure (the crop may come in as planted)

3. You may sow in one field and reap in another

4. Some crops take years to harvest, some sooner

5. Make it a habit to plant only seeds worthy of harvesting 

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  • Sermon Notes for March 12, 2006

                      JOHN THE BAPTIST, JAILHOUSE BLUES”

Scripture: Matthew 11:1-3                                      

Purposes:  To help Christians who maybe depressed because of opposition in their Christian walk overcome their current feelings of abandonment and confusion.

I.     John’s Beginnings

      A. Priesthood family lineage  - Lk 1:5-10

      B. Chosen of God before birth to be forerunner for the Messiah - Lk 1:15-17

      C. Born under impossible circumstances – Lk 1:13-20

      D. Filled with the Holy Spirit from womb – Lk 1:15,

 II.    John’s Person, Ministry & Message

      A. Lived in the wilderness until ministry started   Lk 1:80

      B Dressed in camel’s hair & leather vs. Linen robes of priest – Matt. 3:4

      C. Eating locust , wild honey vs. lamb chops - Matt.3:4

      D. Preached in Judea wilderness vs. in city of Jerusalem at temple – Matthew 3:1,5

      E. Preaching to common people vs. the big wigs alone -Matt. 3:10-14

      F. Hard direct message of repentance and service vs. crowd pleasing words, a illustration  & a closing poem - Matt. 3:7-12

      G. Spoke of coming eternal judgment vs. ignoring it - Matt 3:12

 III.   John’s Relationship to Jesus

       A. John and Jesus were relatives - Lk. 1:36

       B. Knew he was just a forerunner – John 1:19-23

       C. Felt unworthy to untie Jesus sandals – John 1:27

       D. Was told the Spirit would come upon the Messiah “this is the Son of God” –

            John 1:30-34

       E. Knew Christ existed before him – John 1:30

       F. Baptized Jesus – Matt. 3:13-16

       G. Announced “Behold the lamb of God” – John 1:29-30

       H. Knew he must decrease and Jesus increase in ministry presence - John 3:30

 IV.   John the Baptist Jailhouse Blues

       A  Spoke the “truth” to Herod about his wife - Mark 6:18

       B  Put in “prison” – Matt 14:3

       C Hated” by Herod’s wife – Mark 6:18-19

       D Hears of  “Jesus’ ministry” exploits – Matt. 11:1

       E “Not delivered” from prison by his disciples or Jesus – Matt 4:12

 V.    Jailhouse Blues Indicators Statements:

        A.  Have you said lately..

         1.  I feel all by myself in life

         2.  Bummer

         3.  I wish I were dead

         4.  Life stinks

         5.  This just really sucks

         6. I wish I was never born

         7. I hate to get up out of bed everyday

          8. God are you still alive or did you die

          9. I must not be God’s child or saved

         10. God hates me, I know it

          11. I ought to kill myself

B.     Personal Jailhouse Blues

1. You changed your profitable careers to serve in poverty

             2.  You followed God and your family deserted you

             3. Your service to God has cost you your health

             4. Your life is now harder now that you serve God than before you served him

             5. People are always mad at you now and they did not use to be

             6.  I had my future all mapped out before serving God and now I don’t know

                   about today or tomorrow

             7. I had a sense of self worth before through my accomplishments and now I

                 don’t know if I don’t any good in life

             8. I feel God does not care or know about my present situation

             9.My love ones hurt because of my service to God

 VI.  Overcoming the Jailhouse Blues, Remember the following:

      A.  Jesus has validated himself as Messiah & Savior – review God’s works in your life

      B.  Our job was to promote Jesus not our self

      C.  Our ministry has a set season and then its over

      D.  Opposition is evidence of a godly non-comprising ministry

      E.  Remember God knows your sacrifice for his name and kingdom and will reward it in   His perfect timing

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  • Sermon Notes for March 19, 2006

                             “THE POWER OF ENCOURAGING WORDS”

Scripture: Proverbs 12:25                                      

Purposes: To show the power of encouraging words (exhortation) spoken to people to lift them up from despair and motive them to go on and to renew hope for tomorrow.  For, we sometimes need an encouraging word or will be the encourager to someone else who is in the midst of anxiety, discouragement, despair, sadness, or feeling hopeless and abandonment by God and man.

 I    Worry brings depression, a positive word brings gladness

     Proverbs 12:25  Anxiety in the heart of a man weighs it down,

                                But a good word makes it glad.  NAS

 II   Temporary Relief and masking the pain

      Proverbs 14:13   Even in laughter the heart may be in pain,

                                   And the end of joy may be grief.  NAS

 III   Emotions of the Heart Affect the Face and Motivation

      Proverbs 15:13  A joyful heart makes a cheerful face,

                                  But when the heart is sad, the spirit is broken.  NAS

 IV  Emotional distress greater than physical distress

      Proverbs 18:14  The spirit of a man can endure his sickness,

                                  But a broken spirit who can bear?  NAS

 V   Positive emotion thoughts is healing and Negative emotional thoughts is bad for  your health

      Proverbs 17:22  A joyful heart is good medicine,

                                  But a broken spirit dries up the bones.  NAS

 VI   Delays in expectations brings depression but expectations realized brings  new life

       Proverbs 13:12  Hope deferred makes the heart sick,

                                   But desire fulfilled is a tree of life.  NAS

 VII  Words that are effective have to be spoken the right tone of voice

       Proverbs 15:1 A gentle answer turns away wrath,

                                But a harsh word stirs up anger. NAS

 IIX  Words that are effective are spoken in the right time and circumstances

       Proverbs 15:23  A man has joy in an apt answer,

                                   And how delightful is a timely word!  NAS

       Proverbs 25:11 Like apples of gold in settings of silver

                                  Is a word spoken in right circumstances.  NAS

 IX   Words can bring life and death to a person

       Proverbs 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue,

                                  And those who love it will eat its fruit.  NAS

      Proverbs 10:11 The mouth of the righteous is a fountain of life,

                                 But the mouth of the wicked conceals violence. NAS

      Proverbs 12:18 There is one who speaks rashly like the thrusts of a sword,

                                 But the tongue of the wise brings healing. NAS


1. People   -      Proverbs 27:9  Oil and perfume make the heart glad,

                              So a man's counsel is sweet to his friend. NAS

 2. Scripture  and   3. God  

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  • Sermon Notes for March 26, 2006

       “When Nothing in Life Goes Right Then It Could Mean..”

Scripture: Job 1:8-12                                               

Purposes: To share 4 possible reasons why nothing goes right no matter how hard you try in life sometimes. This will help you evaluate where you are in life right now and know to rest and wait or change what you are doing.

  I.   Really Living Right With God

  A.  Job living right tested to see if his commitment to God is just stuff and blessing based – Job 1:8-12, 2:3-10

B.   Christian if living openly right will see the world attack  him – 2Tim 3:11-12

Applic. Satan will use every force available to come against you when you live right with      God whether it is attacking your money, possessions, family, health and safety.

 II.   Really Living Wrong with God

A.   Rebellious living to God can make cause all to go wrong – Proverbs 28:13,       

1Peter 3:12,  1Peter 4:15 

Applic. Confession and repentance is a start to turn things around but remember consequences of your actions may remain even after you are back in fellowship with God.

 III.  Really Trusting in Self and Not God

     A Paul was allowed to go through trials so serve that he may learn not to trust in his self 

          but instead in God – 2Corin. 1:8-11

Applic: God sometimes blocks all doors in life because we are trying to accomplish something without God and in our own flesh so we can boast rather than through the power of God.

 IV. Really Being Moved to the Top

     A God’s divine providence in moving Joseph to the top by circumstances that kept moving

         him down in life – Genesis 37-45

Applic. God’s uses the bad circumstances in life to really move us to our ultimate best in life.

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  • Sermon Notes for April 2, 2006

   “Your Liberties In Christ That May Become Liabilities To Others”

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 8:4-13                           

Purpose: To Make the Christian aware that certain personal liberties in Christ may be spiritual stumbling blocks to other Christians and to give a practical set of guidelines for the Christian to use in determining if a gray area of liberty in Christ should be pursued.

 I.   LIBERTY TO EAT IDOL MEAT – 1Cor. 8:4-13

   A.  The idol meat is nothing for the Christian who knows better – 1 Cor 8:4-8

   B.  The weaker Christian brother who does not under this and may fall in their Christian walk

        1Cor  8:9-11

   C.  Therefore if your liberty in Christ causes your brother fall don’t do it – 1Cor 8:12-13



    A.  Paul has every right to be financial supported – 1Cor 9:1-14

    B.  Paul voluntarily relinquished his right to be supported – 1Cor 9:15-27



     A. The meat and idol is nothing but Gentiles sacrifice to the demon behind the idol v.19-22

     B. Meat that is sold at the butcher - v.25-26

Applic: Don't try to stir up your own conscience to guilt.

     C. Meat that is served at a feast hosted by pagans - v.27-30

Applic: Be aware of the weaker Christian who may be present with you and give up your liberty so he will not fall into sin or guilty conscience.

     D. Glorify God and do not offend Jew, Gentiles or Christians- v.31-33

Applic: Your liberty to do certain things is governed by others being offended and God being glorified.


IV  LIBERTY GUIDELINES  - 1Cor. 10:23-24

          A. Some liberties are okay but not beneficial. v.23a

          B. Some liberties are okay but not going to build you up v.23b

          C. Seek the good of others and not your own thing. v.24

     Applic: True mature Christians are concerned for others and not self.

          D. The seven guidelines to check to see if gray areas are okay to do

             1. Will it profit me  - 1 Cor. 10:23a

             2. Will it build me up - 1 Cor. 6:12, 10:23b

             3. Will it control me - 1 Cor. 6:12

             4. Will it glorify God - 1Cor 10:31

             5. Will it hinder my witness to unbelievers - Col 4:5

             6. Will it cause my brother to stumble - Rom. 14:21

             7. Will it hinder my Christian race in life - Heb. 12:1

             8. Is it something Jesus would do if it was Him - 1 John 3:2

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  • Sermon Notes for April 9, 2006

Palm Sunday Worship”

Scripture: Matthew 21:1-16                                            

Purpose: To show that people's hearts are same every Palm Sunday when it comes to worshipping Jesus with a variety of attitudes and methods and types of worshippers.

Context: Jesus has raised Lazarus form the dead and the people are assembling for the Passover feast. Jesus presents Himself as King.

 I.   OBEDIENT WORSHIP (Matt 21:1-7)

A.     Disciples obeyed in seeking for colt

B. Owner obeyed Jesus in letting him use the animals

Applic. 1. True worship of God always involves deeds of service.


         A. The crowd's emotional mood is contagious and spreads to all.

Applic. 1. Emotional worship generated from the outside will fade as the crowd leaves and nothing substantial will be left. But emotional worship generated from the inside will have lasting effects in outward service.

 III. IGNORANT WORSHIP (Matt 21:10-11)

         A. Some didn't even know who Jesus was and what the commotion was about concerning Jesus but they were present in the middle of it.

Applic. 1. Don't be involved in any worship service without a purpose for being there (e.g. to worship and praise God, to seek guidance and/or edification, to contribute to the kingdom in some way, to seek forgiveness and/or salvation, etc.).

          B. Jesus weeps over the city as He nears it, for He knows the coming rejection of the people and the judgment to come. (Luke 19:41-44)

Applic. 1. God hurts inside when He sees the true state of affairs of our heart, when outwardly to man all seems in order.


         A. Jesus drove out the temple profiteers who corrupted the purpose of the temple.

Applic. 1. Hypocrites and church leeches are always present at every service and take from every worship service.


         A. The blind and the lame sought Jesus for healing in the temple.

Applic. 1. God wants us to seek Him for assistance in the midst of worship so cry out to Him in your heart at altar prayer and seek help.


         A. The chief priest and scribes seek to stop the children from praising Jesus.

Applic. 1. Some come to worship service and refuse to worship themselves and seek to hinder others from worshipping either intentionally or unintentionally.


         A. The children openly and publicly praise Jesus from a sincere heart.

Applic. 1. Only the pure in heart will really be able to worship God. (Matt 5:8)

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  • Sermon Notes for April 16, 2006

                                                "BUT GOD..."

Scripture: Act 13:27-31                              

PURPOSE: To show that God can, if he chooses to, can turn the tide on humanly impossible situations in our life by His divine power & sovereignty.


    A. Accused, tried, convicted, sentenced, executed and no God.

Applic: Because it seems that God is not there in the most difficult hours of our life does not mean He has not been there the whole time.

         B. Buried and dead three days, but God raised him .... v.30

Applic: God receives the greatest glory when man's efforts to deal with the situation have been eliminated.




Gen 20:3 But God came to Abimelech in a dream of the night, and said to him, "Behold, you are a dead man because of the woman whom you have taken, for she is married." (NAS)


Gen 50:20 "And as for you, you meant evil against me, {but} God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result, to preserve many people alive. (NAS)


Judges 15:19 But God split the hollow place that is in Lehi so that water came out of it. When he drank, his strength returned and he revived. Therefore, he named it En-hakkore, which is in Lehi  to this day. (NAS)


2 Cor 7:6  But God, who comforts the depressed, comforted us by the coming of Titus;


1 Sam 23:14 And David stayed in the wilderness in the strongholds, and remained in the hill country in the wilderness of Ziph. And Saul sought him every day, but God did not deliver him into his hand. (NAS)


Phil 2:27 For indeed he was sick to the point of death, but God had mercy on him, and not on him only but also on me, lest I should have sorrow upon sorrow. (NAS)


Luke 12:20 "But God said to him, `You fool! This {very} night your soul is required of you; and {now} who will own what you have prepared?' (NAS)


Gen 48:21 Then Israel said to Joseph, "Behold, I am about to die, but God will be with you, and bring you back to the land of your fathers. (NAS)

Gen 50:24 And Joseph said to his brothers, "I am about to die, but God will surely take care of you, and bring you up from this land to the land which He promised on oath to Abraham, to Isaac and to  Jacob." (NAS)


Eph 2:4 But God, being rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us, (NAS)


Romans 5:8 But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. (NAS)

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  • Sermon Notes for April 23, 2006

                          “USED UP OR USED BY GOD”

Scripture: 2 Timothy 2:20-22                                  

Purposes: To help young Christians make wise choices in life, especially in choosing to let God used them for his glory and to show the futility of running with world to be like them.

I     CHOICES  MADE – 2Timothy 2:20-22

A.  Types of vessels – precious metal, wood, clay; Uses – Honor or Dishonor - v.20

 B.  Choice – Honor, Sanctified, Useful, Good work - v.21

 C.  Flee youth lust;  Follow what’s right; Fellows to follow along with-  v.22

Applic. Make a conscience decision to avoid tempting situations and follow what is right and only associate with youth genuinely committed to the same principles of righteousness, faith, love, peace and a pure heart.


       A. Peter’s statement of commitment is challenged by Satan

Applic. Any commitment to the Lord will be challenged by Satan in your life to get you to break off from following God. If you fail in your commitment, get back up, ask God to forgive and get back to serving God.


       A.  Decision to leave a godly environment - v. 11-12

        B.  Lack of wisdom in an ungodly environment - v.13-14, 30

        C.  Hard times without God in an ungodly environment – v.15-16

        D. Reality of the evil world drives you back to God –  v.17-19

        E.  Repentance of mistakes and confession of wrong -  v. 20-21

        F.  Returning to become a vessel fit for the Father’s use  v.22-24

Applic. When you leave the protection of the God the Father to run with the world, the world chew you up and spit you out and not love you. Stay with the Father, if gone from him come back today before it is to late.

        G. The son who stayed was bitter because of the brother returning who had strayed was             being celebrated but the Son who not left had not missed any fellowship his Father the            whole time the other brother was gone v.25-32

Applic. Don’t be jealous of young Christians who run to the world for a while and have to come back to the church and God. They we tell you they were miserable in the world the whole time they were in the world if they were truly saved.



       A. Tried to find happiness in pleasure and possessions – all was futile - Eccles 2:1-11

       B.  Solomon’s advice is remember God while young before you get old and cannot serve                and die,  Eccles 12:1-7

       C. Fear God and keep his commandments because we will all give account of our acts and deeds in judgment - Eccles 12:13-14

 Conclusion: We can get to the end of our lives having spent it on our personal pleasures and self and be used up in mind and body or we can spend our lives as a vessel used by God for His glory and our reward and be rewarded beyond this world and life.

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  • Sermon Notes for April 30, 2006


Scripture: Haggai 1:1-6

PURPOSE: Show that our blessings are tied directly to our giving to God and that the church's progress is tied to your giving.

 I.   GOD'S HOUSE NEGLECTED  - Haggai 1:1-2:19

      A. You are living large at your house - 1:3-4

      B. You are not getting any where in life - 1:5-6

      C. The reason for your lost - God is last -1:7-11

      D. The solution - Take care of the things of God first - 1:12-15

      E. Builders encouraged by God, because rebuilt temple is not like first – 2:1-5

      F  Reviewing and looking ahead - God blessings start when you start to bless him with   

         your offerings -  2:15-19

      G. Your possessions belong to God in the first place you are stealing from him by not  

          giving - Malachi 3:8-12


       A. If you don't give you will not receive - Luke 6:38

Luke 6:38 Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again. (KJV)

        B. Proportion you give to God is the proportion you get back - 2Cor 9:6-8

        C. Your giving is to be continuous and consistent - 1 Cor 16:1-2

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  • Sermon Notes for May 7, 2006


Pt. 1 "Singleness, Marriage and Service"

SCRIPTURE: 1 Corinthians 7:25-40                 

PURPOSE: To show that being single has it's advantages over marriage when it comes to serving God.


     A. Advice to virgins in light of persecutions, stay single. v.25-26

     B. Advice to married couples in light of persecutions, remained married. v.27a

     C. Advice to divorced individuals in light of persecutions, don't remarry. v.27b

     D. If you do marry, you have not sinned, but expect trouble. v.28

Applic: Your decisions are tougher to make if you are concerned with another's person's well being and safety.

  II.  SERVING THE LORD IN TIME REMAINING - 1 Corinthians 7:29-35

A.     Serve as though you don't have any personal distractions or concerns for this world is 

      passing away. v.29-31

 Applic: Time and opportunity to serve is running out, so stay on track.

      B. The unmarried individuals' focus is pleasing the Lord. v.32

Applic: A single can serve God with greater commitment. You have no excuse not to serve more than a married person. Luke 2:36-37

     C. The married individual's focus is pleasing the spouse. v.33-34

Applic: A married person's service to God can be divided up or cut out by a spouse. Luke 14:16,20

     D. Reasons for Paul's statements v.35:

         1. To benefit you, not restrain you

         2. To promote what is proper and to give undistracted devotion to the Lord

 III. VIRGINS, WIDOWS AND MARRIAGE - 1 Corinthians 7:36-40

      Note:*NAS views the man as the father of the virgin daughter.

                NIV views the man as the man engaged to the virgin woman.

A.     A father in Paul's day determined whether his daughter could marry or not. If he

      allowed her to marry, he would not sin. v.36

       B. If a father prohibited his daughter's marriage in light of present situations, he made a better decision. v.37-38

Applic: A father's insight into his child life can sometimes be better than the child can see for themselves.

      C. A widow could make her decision to remarry on her own, but the man must be saved. v.39

Applic: Widows who want to remarry will have divided interest.1Tim 5:11-12

     D. Paul's advice as guided by the Holy Spirit, to the widow is she would be better off

         staying single like him. v.40

Applic: Paul and Barnabas were single versus Peter, the Apostles and the Lord Jesus' half brothers who were married and their ministries differed because of it. 1 Cor 9:5-6

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  • Sermon Notes for May 14, 2006


Pt. 2 "Daughters, Wives, Mothers, Cycle of Life"

SCRIPTURE: Ephesians 5:22-33

PURPOSE: Daughters, who may eventually, marry and become mothers are molded for their later roles in life when they are young girls by mother and father whether they are their in their life or not, for the positive or the negative later in life. We will examine the impact of fathers and mother on the girl who will one day be married and maybe become a mother. A girl’s options are to like the models they see good or bad and copy it or despise the models they see and still copy it or despise the models they see and do the opposite of it.

 Life Options: 1. Good and proper relations with parent(s) become like them

                       2. Good and proper relations with parent(s) become opposite of them

                       3. Bad and improper relations with parent(s) become like them

                       4. Bad and improper relations with parent(s) become opposite of them

 I   Daughter and Fathers

A   Fabulous Father and Daughter – Caleb – Josh 15:13-19

Applic. Fathers who look out for their daughters instill the ideal that a man can look out for them in life.

 B.   Faulty Father and Daughters – Laban, Leah and Rachael - Gen 31:14-20

Applic. Fathers who cheat their daughters instill the ideal that it is every man for himself.

    C.   Father God and Daughters – Num 27:1-8, 1Peter 3:7

Applic. Daughters without fathers should look to God the Father for their pattern of  correct male provision

II   Wives and Husbands

     A.  Wives and Husband – Ephesians 5:22-33, Col 3:19

Applic. How a man treats his wife will profoundly affect his daughter’s future view of the male and his role in the marriage and family.

      B.  Woman who shames her husband is rottenness) - Proverbs 12:4, Proverbs 30:21-23

Applic. A woman with a bitter unloved past can make a man (hushand) miserable and influence her daughter on how to be a mother and wife.

 III.  Mother and Daughters

     A.   Model mother of evil – Mark 6:21-28  

Applic. Daughters will follow a dominate influencing mother’s lead for good or bad in life, she looks for her mother for direction good or bad.

      B.   Model mother and wife  to children (daughters) - Proverbs 31:13-31

Applic. A good mother positively affects her children and husband and sets the godly pattern for her daughter to become a future good mother.

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  • Sermon Notes for May 20, 2006

                                HOW TO LISTEN TO GOD”

From: How To Listen to God, by Dr. Charles Stanley      

Why seek guidance from God by praying or by reading the Bible?

Scripture: Proverbs 20:24    A man’s steps are directed by the Lord,
                                               how then can anyone understand his own way?

Psalms 85:8  I will hear what God the LORD will say;  For He will speak peace to His people, to His godly ones;  But let them not turn back to folly.  NAS

Scripture: 1 Samuel 3:1-10
We talk to God in prayer but often do we stop talking long enough to listen to the response of God. Or, God has been speaking to us for sometimes now and we have failed to realize the whole time that he is talking to us about an issue in our life. My five purposes this morning is to show you how God speaks today, how he gets our attention when we are not listening, how to tune your spiritual ear so you know how to listen to God, How to Identify that the voice you are hearing is indeed the voice of God and finally what hinders you from hearing the voice of God

 I.    HOW GOD SPEAKS TODAY (5 ways):

      A. Through Word of God: Read it, Meditate on it, What verse comes up over again

      B.  Through the Holy Spirit:  Talks to hearts, minds

      C.  Through Other people (mostly believers): Knowingly and Unknowingly sent

      D.  Circumstances: Failures, Successes, Disappointment, Tragedies

      E.  Other ways - remember God is omnipotent, He will speak to you any way He wants


      A.  A restless spirit : uneasiness in our hearts, trouble feeling but no trouble in life

B.     A word from others : Nathan sent to David – 2Sam 12:1 – criticism and reproof

C.    Blessings in unusual ways (not on the selfish person though)

D.    Unanswered prayer: Wrong reasons James 4:3, Disobedience 1John 3:22, Out of will of God 1 John 5;14, abuse in marriage 1Pet 3:7

E.     Unusual Circumstances: Burning bush not consumed Exo 3:1-4, attention getters 

      your are fired unexpectedly

      F.   Failure: Success at Jericho, failure at Ai – Joshua 7:5

G.     Financial collapse: Midianites take all Israel has Judges 6:1-6, Jud 17:6 do what is right in own eyes

      H   Tragedy : Israel complains fiery serpents sent Numbers 21:4-7, Joni Eareckson  

             Tada,  Jim Elliot, Elizabeth Elliot

      I     Sickness and Affliction: Hezekiah heart proud 2Chron 32:20-26, sick unto death

      J    Disappointment : Numbers 14 not go in promise land now because unbelief –



      Matthew 16:21-23 Jesus go be killed rise 3rd day, Peter tries to stop

      A.   It will be Consistent with the Word of God and not Contradict it

      B.   It will Conflict with human wisdom:

             1. It Clashes with a natural, reasonable course of action
             2. "My thoughts are not your thoughts, my ways are not your ways."(Isaiah 55:8)

      C.   It Clashes with fleshly nature, it will not tell us to gratify our flesh

      D.   It  will be a Challenge to my faith

F.     It May require courage to do what we hear: Joshua be of good courage – Josh 1:-6-9

                       JESUS DID ALL THE ABOVE IN MATTHEW 16:21-23

       G.   It will be for the good of everyone not just myself

H.      Doesn’t require a rushed decision , patience: Saul offers sacrifice before Samuel


I.         Consider the consequences - should be positive and not negative – Abraham &

      Hagar, David numbers the people

      J.    Get Godly counsel from other believers

     K.    Should stimulate spiritual growth – called to be conformed to the image of Jesus

     L.   Should give peace - calmness in the spirit
             "Peace that passes all understanding" (Philippians 4:7)

 IV.  HINDRANCES TO HEARING (9 things that hinder):

      A.  We don’t know God - need to study the Word to know him and his will

      B.   A poor self-image – I am not a preacher why would speak to me?

      C.   A false sense of guilt – forgiven but feel guilty by Satan bring up past, God won’t 

              hear me is how you feel but it is not true

      D.   Business / Busyness – hectic full daily schedules, don’t stop to listen
                         "Be still and know that I am God" (Psalm 46:10)

      F.   Unbelief that God will answer prayer in today’s time like O.T.

     G.   God directed anger because of rage at God because of tragedy or disappointment

     H.   Harboring sin that you know about and will not let go of

     I.    A rebellious spirit - does not want to hear God , don’t want to do what God wants me

          to do

     J.    Rejecting God’s messengers - other believers, spouse, children, parents, pastor

 V.  HOW TO LISTEN (5 ways):

      A.   Ask questions – say “God what are you trying to tell me” and wait for a rely

      B.   Anticipate God speakingHeb 13;8 Christ is the same yesterday, today, and


      C.   Respond to what we hear – move in the direction God tells us to go

      D.   Be alert to confirming events – God confirms his message through events look for

             them and obey them

      E   Ask God to speak to us – Before you go to bed ask God to speak to you and that

            you  are available to hear – Like Samuel,  Speak for your servant hears 1Sam 3:4-10

Conclusion: Sit before God Expectantly, Quietly, Patiently, Actively, Confidently, Dependently,  Openly,  Attentively, Carefully, Submissively, Gratefully, Reverently and you will hear him.

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  • Sermon Notes for May 21, 2006


Pt. 3 "Widows, Life Beyond Marriage, Women With Wisdom”

SCRIPTURE: 1 Timothy 5:3-16

PURPOSE: To give biblical the directives regarding treat of widows and biblical advice to widows on life after marriage.

Background: Widows in the ancient world – Not educated, not considered equal to man but lower, no authority, rights through father or husband, supported by father, husband or children, husband died in war before her sometimes


A.     Freed from the first marriage obligation, which is only bound for this life, widow is free to remarry only in the Lord, Rom 7:1-3, Luke 20:27-36, 1Cor 7:39-40,

Applic. In God’s original plan marriage was for life and only in this world and only to be dissolved by death, it was not to carry over to the next world like the Mormons teach

       B.   Young widows should remarry and start a family if they want to –1Tim 5:11-14,

             1Cor 7:7-8

Applic. God wants widows to live on productively after the death of their husbands

       C.   Some widows who remarried the in the Bible – Abigail, Bathsheba, Ruth,

          Famous Christian women who remarried – Elizabeth Elliot

Applic. Sometimes the second marriage is more pleasant than the first marriage.


      A.   Supply for widow through children, grandchildren - 1Tim 5:3-4, 7-8,16, John 19:26-27

Applic. Children have a biblical obligation to look out for their widowed mother.

       B.   Supply and protection for widows in the Old TestamentNot afflict Exo 22:22,    Justice  for Dt. 10:18, tithe given to every 3rd year Dt. 14:28-29, Not take garment as pledge Dt. 24:17, leave grain in field for Dt. 24:19, Curse on those who pervert justice to

       C.   Supply for widows in New Testament church by congregation and believers –

            Acts 6:1-3, James 1:27, and church permanent support of qualifying widows     

            1Tim 5:9-10

Applic. Churches have biblical obligation to take care of its widows who are destitute.

       D.   Widows were targets for abuse by others – Psa 94:3-6, Luke 20:46-47

       E.   Supply for widows through miraculous provisions of God Psa 146:9 - Son raised from

            dead  Luke 7:11-15, Oil to sale for husband’s debt 2Kings 4:1-7

Applic. God is always looking out for widows, and orphans to provide for and protect them.


        A.  Service or Second Marriage choices in life – 1Timothy 5:5-15, pledge to God made


       B.  Serving widows – Anna by prayer  Luke 2:36-38

       C. Serving through training younger women how to be mothers and wives – Titus 2:3-5

Applic. Younger women need older spiritually mature women to guide in living as a woman


        A.    Last of money given to Temple - Mark 12:41-44

        B.    Last bread given to Prophet to fed him - 1Kings 17:9-24

Applic. Widows can serve by sacrifices to the things and people of God in God’s service.

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Pt. 4 “Minding Blowing, Malicious, Mean and Misleading Women – Don’t Go There”

SCRIPTURE: Proverbs 21:9 (25:24)

PURPOSE: Women can have a tremendous influence on the affairs of the things of God for the better or worse. These four woman had an influence on the things of God for the worse so ladies don’t go there with them.

 I     MIND BLOWING WOMAN – Delilah – Judges 16:4-31

      Destroys a Man of God

A  A one way love relationship he loved her but her not him – Judg. 16:4

B  Reputation must have been known to make her an offer - Judg 16:5

C  Delilah attempts at finding Samson’s secret  that he may be afflicted for gain

     1 Tie with 7 bowstrings – Judg 16:6-9

           2 Tie with new ropes – Judg 16:10-12

           3 Weave his 7 locks in fabric loom – Judg 16:113-14

           4 Nagged Samson daily for secret - Judg 16:15-16

           5 Shave hair off (Samson sleep in her lap) Judg 16:17-20

           6 Samson capture eyes gouged out, taken to Gaza – Judg 16:21-22

      D   Delilah’s actions caused

            1 A man of God to fall – Judg 16;21

            2 The idol God Dagon to receive glory – Judg 16:23-26

            3 Samson, 3,000 Phiistines and their Lords to die – Judg 16:27-31      


II     MALICIOUS WIFE – Jezebel – 1Kings 16:31-

       Destroys the People of God

       A  Her parents Sidonians – 1Kings 16:31

       B  Marries an evil ungodly man, worse king ever in Israel –1Kings 16:30-33

       C  She killed the prophets of God – 1Kings 18:4,13

       D  Hated main spokesman of God, tried to kill him – 1Kings 19:1-3

       E  Fellowshipped and fed 850 false prophets – 1Kings 18:19

       F  Would not repent after God proved himself at Mt. Carmel – 1Kings 18:17-19:3

       G  A lair, murderer and theft – 1Kings 21:1-29

       H  Inspired husband to do evil – 1Kings 21:25

       I   Thought her looks could save her – 2Kings 9:30

       J  Her death by treachery – 2Kings 9:31-33

       K No burial, dogs ate her body, skull, hands feet left – 2Kings 9:34-37


III    MEAN MOTHER – Athaliah – 2Kings 11:1-2

       Destroys Her Own Family (Only sole reigning Queen of Judah or Israel –6 yrs)

        A  She had evil parents Ahab and Jezebel – 1Kings 16:30-33, 21:25

        B  She had evil influence on her husband, King Jehoram- 2Chron 21:6

        C She  had evil influence and counsel to son, Kings Ahaziah – 2Chron 22:1-4

        D Sons of Athaliah used things of God’s temple for Baal worship 2-Chron 24:7

        E Lack of sorrow for death of her mother Jezebel, 2Kings 9:30-37, brother King Joram, 2

              Kings 9:22-26, and son king Ahaziah 2 Kings 9:27-28 all killed on same day by Jehu

         F Cold blooded murderer of her own grandchildren after death of her mother, brother 

             and son – 2Kings 11:1-2, 2 Chron 22:9-12

         G Self deluded thinking justice is treason – 2Kings 11:14, 2Chron 23;13

         H People rejoice after Athaliah is slain –2Chron 23:21, 2Kings 11:20


IV   MISLEADING MEMBER – Jezebel - Revelations 2:18-25

       Destroys a Church

       A  Church of Thyatira has good deeds, love, faith, service and perseverance and growing 

            in deeds but church allowing false prophetess to run it– Rev 2:19-20

       B  Tolerating Jezebel the false prophetess teaches immorality and eating things offered

            to idols – Rev 2:20

       C  Given time to repent but refuses to – Rev 2:21

       D  Judgment coming on her and children (followers) unless they repent – Rev 2:22

       E   Her judgment will serve as an example that God searches the minds and hearts and

            rewards accordingly - Rev 2:23

       F Warning do not hold to this teaching - Rev 2:24


  • Sermon Notes for June 4, 2006


Pt. 1 "Single Men: Sin, Serving and Searching

Scripture Psalms 119:9-11

Purposes: To give single men advice in staying pure while single, advantage of being single and serving God and helping in the decision to go from singleness to marriage.


      A  Struggling with Self and the World – James 1:13-15, Prov. 6:24-25, 1John 2:15-17

Applic. With all the visual and audio sexual stimulation today it is hard for a Christian male to stay pure. So avoid as much as you can on what you see and hear.

     B  The Word of God is the Life line to staying pure – Psa 119:9-11

     C  God fearing Christian male friends are essential to keep you accountable and pure –  

             2Tim 2:22

Applic. Stay in personal Bible reading, staying Bible study and worship and associate with genuinely committed Christian males who will hold you accountable.

      D  Covenant with eyes not to look, lust, and lose  - Job 31:1, 2Sam 11:1-5

       E  Treating Christian women like sisters – 1Tim 5:2, not defraud them of sexual purity 

            1Thess 4:3-8

Applic. Make plans in advance of how you will conduct yourselves in a godly manner around females so as not to succumb to sexual temptation

       F  Escape hatch for temptation will be made available by God, take it - 1Cor 10:12-13

Applic. God’s way of escape may only come one way and one time so take it when it comes, don’t assume another is awaiting you if you past this one up.


      A  Spiritually gifted in being single – 1Cor. 7:7-9,32-34a

       B  Single and undistracted service to God – 1Cor 7:32, 35

Applic. Beside the advantage of undistracted service to God there are also practical advantages of just being single also

      C  A personal decision to serve and remain single –  Matthew 19:10-12

           1.) Origen 184-254 A.D. castrated himself to avoid slander concerning him his female       

                 Christian students he taught

2.)   Apostle Paul and Barnabas – 1Cor 7:8-9 

Applic. The travels and hardships of Paul would not have been good for a marriage relationship  2Cor 11:22-28        



       A  Personal decision to be married and serve like Peter - Mark 1:30, 1Cor 9:5

        B  A man who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from God – Prov 18:22

Applic. Spend much time in God’s presence seeking to know if this is the right one to marry.

        C  Adam was given a woman who complimented him in his task  - Gen 2:20-25

Applic. Look for a woman who will compliment your task, calling and your personality.

        D  Prepare to compromise time, energy and service when married – 1Cor 7:33-34a         

Applic. If a single Christian man decides to marry, be sure you marry an equally committed Christian woman or you will be in a living hell on earth, trying to please an unsaved or carnal wife and a Holy God.







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